Monday, August 22, 2011

An Idea

As if I don't do enough...

I just had an idea of an audio visual group among Oz fans who can digitize and preserve Ozzy video and audio rarities. Oz and Oz-related books and art have been preserved both digitally and by reprints. Oz-related video and audio are worthy of preservation, even if they're not so good.

Note, this would not be a way to obtain bootleg movies, music, or other copyrighted media, though if there is not a commercially available digital version, a digital copy should be made for preservation, but digital versions should only remain with the owner of the actual media.

Now, it's just an idea. And as I said, I do quite a bit already. I haven't even mentioned it all. But I've heard Oz fans mention they have video and audio from Oz events recorded onto obsolete media and it would be a shame to let this material just degrade on the old analog media it's on. Of course, some of them may already be preserving them, so good for them! But whether they'd ever want to share this is up to them, I just think it would be cool if people in the Oz fandom who care about these just as much as the owner could handle it.

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