Monday, November 14, 2011

And we are live!

And the new version of The Royal Website of Oz is live! If you were a user at the forum, then you already have an account.

So, what's new? Well, for one thing, you can log in and do stuff. You couldn't do that on any previous versions of the site. We merged the message board in (your bookmarks to it will still work, I was adamant we get that set up), and my concept of a fan fiction site has been implemented as the concept of a communal blog with tags. In addition, we have blogs and a chat box.

We were going to have image galleries or albums users could create, but all the modules we found caused problems with the rest of the site. Once we find something that will play nicely with others, we'll roll that out.

The library section has also not been launched, but it is underway.

The wiki is still online, unchanged. We were unable to find a way to link the site and wiki so you could use one login without making something not work. I had wanted that to be the case so users wouldn't feel they'd need to be bothered with a separate login to contribute information. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the two to link up and we also could not find an alternative.

Anyway, what's up is up. Enjoy!

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