Sunday, November 06, 2011

More web building in Oz

Well, tonight we attempted two things in getting the new website live.

First, we attempted to ensure Drupal (our web building software) and MediaWiki (our Wiki software) could be bridged so users could use a single login. It didn't work.

Second, we attempted to move the forums. While the order I had set up for it broke, I thought, "No matter, we can reorganize."

But then I noticed almost all the posts said "Anonymous."

Roll back the web site...

Well, we know what didn't work... We'll try again soon.
Jared: We should use our new Oz logo for the wiki logo.
Tech guy: The newer one?
Jared: Yeah, the one we're using on the new site.
Tech guy: Isn't there another Oz wiki with an eerily similar logo? Just wondering.
Jared: Yeah, but forget 'em. OZ IS OURS.
Tech guy: That's right.
Jared: I sound like the Nome King. Which makes you General Guph.
Tech guy: Whatever man, you're not getting my diamond forest.

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