Thursday, November 24, 2011

Royal Explorers of Oz

Announcing Royal Explorers of Oz, a trilogy combining elements from the works of L. Frank Baum and the fantasies of Ruth Plumly Thompson.

Prince Bobo of Boboland is on a mighty quest: to unify the Nonestic nations against such threats as the Phanfasms and the Mimics! But with his ego, can he successfully carry it out?

Captain Salt is exploring the Nonestic Ocean once more with his faithful crew, Ato, Tandy, Roger the Read Bird, and Nikobo the hippopotamus. They soon gain a few extra members for their crew in Arko and Orpa the mer-folk couple, and Sally the Sea Fairy.

Little do any of them realize that they are setting out for an adventure that will change all of them forever.

The Voyage of the Crescent Moon
by Marcus Mebes, Jeff Rester, and Jared Davis
Illustrations by Alejandro Garcia and John Troutman
Coming early 2012

To be followed by
Crescent Moon Over Tarara
The Scourge of the Crescent Moon

(And for anyone wondering, all three books have had their first drafts completed.)


Nathan said...

I've seen the rough draft for the first one, but not the other two.

Marcus said...

I've already made 2 slight adjustments to this cover... making Captain Salt's beard grey instead of white, and fixing Roger's coloration. It was Alex Garcia who pointed out to me that Shanower painted Roger in color on the cover of the 2011 Winkie Con book... the ONE published color reference of him! Plus, I've begun color work on the cover of book 2. It's just as stunning!