Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Web building in Oz

Well, we are officially working out some of the finer details of the new version of The Royal Website of Oz. The big thing here is localizing everything. The new forum will be imported in, meaning all users will still have their login, but it'll work for the whole site. The Wiki will be not be made a part of it, but it is hosted on the same server and domain, and we'll be setting it up so the site login will also work for the wiki. (I've instructed the tech guy that if we have any conflicts with forum and wiki user accounts, the forum login dominates.)

Unlike my previous builds of the site, this one is different in that users can add content to the site. We have sections so users can add fan fiction, write blogs, and upload images in galleries, as well as post on the forum, edit the wiki and use our new IRC-powered chat box, all with one login.

I never got the library going on the last version of the site. I was set on making PDFs, but I discovered that free-flowing text in HTML would be better. Now to convert all to that format... We would like to make the library better by expanding the scope to all public domain works by the Famous Forty authors. This will require a later launch, though.

Assuming all the details and the forum import get worked out smoothly, we should be launching this weekend!

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