Sunday, December 18, 2011

A peek at Outsiders

While Shawn finished the illustrations on The Outsiders From Oz (you know, I called it Outsiders for short so much, I forgot there was a "The" in the title), here's a teeny peek.
This is a map that will appear in the book. Almost every location in the story is on the map; a couple were too far west to be shown. (I had to pinpoint which river in Mo was the river of needles.)

And here's a tiny excerpt:
The Quadling Country is not the easiest place to travel in Oz. The country is rough and filled with dangerous peoples. With the Red Wagon and the Sawhorse, it was easy, but on foot the walking was rough and tiring.

The Wizard was, at heart, a very practical man when needed. However, his knowledge of magic helped him create shortcuts. If a stream crossed their path, he now had his buoyancy solution made from the Voe leaves to help him cross. So, being very careful to not exhaust their strength too soon, he and Button-Bright were making good time on foot.

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