Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Oziana 2011 is now available for ordering! This year we've gotten three issues of Oziana, spanning 2008, 2009, 2010, and finally 2011 as the International Wizard of Oz Club's creative magazine is finally back on track! The 2012 issue is in the works now and will definitely be released on time.

I didn't contribute to this issue, but I did receive a review copy, so expect a review soon.

And speaking of Oz stories, co-blogger Nathan DeHoff is the first to put his Oz fan writings on our website! Check them out and write your own! Maybe you can even be in Oziana soon!

And speaking of reading Oz stuff online (which you're doing right now), the New York Public Library's blog is doing a series of blogs about the very first adaptation of The Wizard of Oz: the 1903 stage production. The first is online now, and with it is a goodie: the script of the play. (Which was followed loosely with various songs and jokes being added and changed.)

Also, it says "In the coming days several Oz scholars and fans will be contributing blogs about the history of this particular text," so keep an eye on the blog there. I have a feeling I'll be seeing some familiar names... (You don't read the first 34 years of The Baum Bugle and not learn anything...)

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