Thursday, December 29, 2011

Royal Explorers of Oz Update!

Last night, I got to see the first proof of The Royal Explorers of Oz: The Voyage of The Crescent Moon. It was still in need of work and two illustrations had yet to be included. And you might think, "We've heard that before..." But they arrived today!

So, right now, Marcus is getting the layout completed. The book will be a bit taller than regular Oz books to show the detail of the wonderful artwork.

We have two illustrators. John Troutman has properly illustrated the book while Alejandro Garcia has drawn poster-like art. What this is used for, I'll let you find out on the title page. The idea is set up in Captain Salt in Oz, though.

The book, the first in a trilogy, isn't very long at about 74 pages. The next two books, however, is where it gets deep. This first volume more or less sets up the last two.

About timing, Marcus could get it out before year's end, but I had a different suggestion: release it on January 1st. There will be a new Oz book for a new year!

So, I hope you all will join us as we set sail for a new adventure on the Nonestic Ocean!

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John Troutman said...

Huh. Good thing I decided to finish those last two pieces today instead of waiting until January!