Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ashton-Drake Singing Dorothy Doll Review: False Advertising?

Yesterday, the Ashton-Drake singing Dorothy doll arrived in the mail. When I ordered this doll, I saw on Ashton-Drake's website that it costs $130 (plus shipping), but I thought it would be worth it because in the picture on the site, she looks a lot like Judy, and looks very detailed and accurate over all. But the doll that arrived in the mail yesterday is NOT the doll seen in the picture.

The picture to the right is the only picture of the doll on the company's website. The three pictures on the left are pictures of the actual doll that I received. The actual doll is noticeably less detailed and doesn't look much at all like the one in the picture. For being $130, that is just unacceptable. Nowhere on the website does it say that the actual doll may vary from the picture or description. 

In the picture, Toto is very detailed and realistic. The actual Toto looks cheap and actually much worse than the one that comes with the Dorothy Barbie doll, which I should mention, is less than $50! It's not even physically possible for the actual doll to be in the same pose as the one in the picture. She is awkward to stand and it's almost like the stand that came with the doll doesn't belong with her. The dress is a different shade of blue than in the picture and the top of it isn't right, the hair is not fixed nearly as well, and the face is much less detailed than the doll in the picture. Dorothy's basket is plastic, though it clearly is not in the picture on the left. On the website, it says that it has a "wicker basket and a gingham blanket," but it doesn't!

If I am paying $130 on a doll, I expect it to look like the doll in the picture and match the description, which states that it is a "faithful reproduction" of the costume from the film. I'm very disappointed, and I'm not sure that I'd be willing to buy anything else this expensive from Ashton-Drake.

Thanks to Eric, Amy, and Andrew from the Wizard of Oz Collectors United! group on Facebook for spotting some of the differences between the doll in the picture and the actual doll that I received. 


Russell Potter said...

That's the worst case of false Oz advertising I've ever seen! In addition to all of the issues you note, the doll you were sent is clearly made out of molded plastic, not resin as advertised. Dorothy's hands on the image on their website and carefully shaped and replicate an actual gesture that Judy Garland makes in the film. What you were sent was of even lower quality than the $50 doll you referenced.

I would demand a refund (including shipping) and and apology, and consider contacting the BBB or some other agency that certifies online businesses -- this isn't just a disappointment, it's fraud.

Paula said...

Thanks for bringing the problem to my attention, and I suppose to many other people as well. I was just about to place order for the entire collection, but I will NOT be doing that now. You saved me a lot of angst and money as well. I am disappointed though, because they did look great and was looking forward to a beautiful set of WOZ. By the way, you never made mention about the talking and singing. How did that work out? Was it decent, or as bad as the doll. Just curious. Thanks again

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this review. I was enchanted by the dolls likeness in the photo too. I'm glad I waited to get this doll. I have seen the add for the other dolls in the series. I can only imagine how bad they are since they look questionable in the promotional photo already. The Lion expecially.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. Absolutely everything you noticed I have noticed as well. I received this as a gift from my mom - and didn't think it an expensive gift until she texted and mentioned the several days work it took for her to purchase this doll. I began immediately searching online, as I do not wish my mom to be spending this kind of money. I found your review and could not believe the cost! So - what do I do? I definitely don't want my sweet mother ordering from this site anymore! I'm only signing anonymous so she won't see my message :) Thank you again!

Jay said...

If it's possible, I guess you could try to return it, but your mom would have to know what happened and that you're not happy with the doll, although I'm sure you're very grateful for the thought.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Yes, in the end I am so very thankful for my mom and her beautiful heart. The doll is a symbol/reminder of her love and sacrifice. Thank you again for the post!