Sunday, July 14, 2013

Winkie Reading 2013 Part 1

Huh, I read a number of books on my trip to and from the Winkie Convention this year and have yet to write about any of them, aside from The Law of Oz. Guess I need to get on that...

 Up first is The Three Imps of Oz by Chris Dulabone. The story is based around Ozma and the Little Wizard from Little Wizard Stories of Oz. A slight rewriting of the tale is part of Chapter 1.

This book answers the question of why these were the only Imps we met in the Famous Forty Oz books: Imp Olite, Imp Ertinent and Imp Udent were too much for the King of the Imps (Imp Ossible), so he banished them, telling them that they may return if they found the Enchanted Ruby of the Imps. However, they took to annoying the nearby people in Oz. This led to the events of Ozma and the Little Wizard, which ended with them transformed into buttons by the Wizard, who promised to restore them when they decided to reform.

Chapter 2 has Tik-Tok help the Wizard find the jacket with the buttons on it, and he discovers that the Imps have reformed. Restoring them to Imp form, the Imps take new jobs: Erinent becomes the Wizard's new assistant, Udent becomes a baker, and Olite becomes a gardener. They soon embark on new adventures and misadventures that eventually lead to them on the trail of the Enchanted Ruby!

It's a fun little story. The book is also whimsically illustrated by Kimberley Frodelius.

Get your copy here.

Next is Ridiculous Rivals in Oz by Chris Dulabone and Marin Xiques. An abused hunting dog named Casey winds up in Oz and soon becomes friends with the animals of the Springbok Forest, which is under the thrall of a wicked witch and her panther friend!

A lot of magic, including body-swapping, happens before Casey and his new friends finally deal the Witch and the panther their comeuppance. Luckily, the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion arrive on the scene to help out as well.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Randy Clark (whose work does not grace the front cover), but I found the typeface for the text rather distracting. It's in a decorative font, which mainly uses capital letters. Otherwise, it's a fun book, even if they do have to admit that it's a rather silly story.

Get your copy here.

Finally is the sequel to Ridiculous Rivals, I Want To Grow Up In Oz by Chris Dulabone and Marin Xiques.

The story follows Devia, the daughter of the Wicked Witch's panther in Ridiculous Rivals. She wants to grow up into a adult so she can take revenge for her father and take over the Springbok Forest. However, she's been enchanted to not age at all.

Starspoof the Bear Wizard and his little friend Little Bear decide to swap forms, and Devia manages to use this switch to her advantage, and in a little while, she has stolen Starspoof's wand? Can Starspoof and Little Bear manage to stop Devia before she brings serious harm to the Forest?

The story is rather fun, and is comically illustrated by Derek Sullivan.

Get your copy here.

Three books down, four to go!

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Nathan said...

Yeah, I didn't care for the "Ridiculous Rivals" typeface, either.