Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Two More Buckethead Books

There's two more books that I read after getting home from Winkies this year.

I'd actually tried to read The Flying Bus of Oz by Ruth Morris on my trip, but for some reason, I was so tired and groggy that the book made no sense to me whatsoever. However, after I got home, I tried it again in a normal state of mind and found it to be a much better read.

Prince Robin of the Ozian kingdom of the Noyzy Boyz is not interested in being a Noyzy Boy at all! His father has his magician discover what can be done. The solution involves bringing a girl named Joy Morris from the Great Outside World, so when she's picked up by the school bus one day, the bus flies away to Oz! It's up to her sister Corinne, her brothers Doug and Peter and her doll Shrinky to hop on a magic carpet and go to Oz to save her!

The story is actually a lot of fun, even though, you realize, the Morrises are actually the author's family. However, rather than making the family the special people who Oz needs, they just visit Oz and have an adventure like any other visitor in the Oz books.

Get your copy here.

The Crocheted Cat in Oz by Hugh Pendexter III is a follow-up to Pendexter's non-Oz book Tales of the Crocheted Cat. The Wiseman from Crocheted Cat peeks in on Oz and witnesses a Wicked Golden Witch lurking around Oz as Ozma prepares to celebrate another birthday. He sends his Indian assistant boy Badger, Theobald the Crocheted Cat and Hannibal the poodle to Oz to stop her.

Arriving in Oz, the Witch spots them and turns Badger into... a badger. Hurrying to the Emerald City, they witness the Witch stealing one of Ozma's presents, then they chase her as she high-tails it to Ev!

It will take some cunning and some help from Oz (including a now-giant vulture named Yeksh), Theobald and his friend head to Ev themselves to stop the Witch once and for all!

This is a well-written book, and the pictures by Caroline G. Taber are gorgeous! Well-recommended.

Get your copy here.

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