Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Well, the mail man just dropped off a box of comics! Let's get to what's inside!

The Emerald City of Oz #1 from Marvel. As mentioned last week, unlike previous titles in the Oz series, this time, Shanower and Young are only allowed five issues to retell Baum's story in. This issue already shows us the compression we can expect, squeezing the first six chapters (of thirty) into one issue.

Most surprising to me was that the first and fourth chapter are told in tandem, thus, one part of the story has been moved out of its original sequence. It flows fine, but for someone who's very familiar with Oz and has been following the Marvel series since its start, it's a little sad to see this have to happen.

Fun little things to spot: Shanower clears up the issue of "How did Eureka get to Oz?" (though he admittedly did that back in The Secret Island of Oz) and Dorothy's arrival in Oz has a Through The Looking-Glass-esque look. Skottie's artwork is as humorous as ever.

The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #9. This issue has us taking a peek into the life of Dr. Nikidik, featuring the return of Scraps, who seems to be his daughter in this version of Oz. Meanwhile, Jack convinces Glinda to check the Book of Records for help deciphering what became of Ozma.

Meantime, we discover that the Wheelers and Mombi aren't finished quite yet. And Jack and the Tin Man aren't exactly the best of friends.

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carlitOZ said...

Thanks for the info on these two comics. These days I'm researching what's out there in Oz comics. Pretty interesting to see all current titles and old ones from the 90s or so. You made a really good point regarding the Marvel publications about buying individual issues vs. the compiled graphic novels. I've gotten the last three graphic novels, but this last weekend I went and bought the #1 issue of The Emerald City of Oz. That's what I did a few years ago when all these series started, but after a while I stopped and switched to graphic novels. Thanks for your opinion on what's behind.