Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Baum In-Between and Before Oz

Some time ago, I read two Baum books.

The first was The Flying Girl & Her Chum, now available from Hungry Tiger Press.

The story has returning heroine Orissa Kane from The Flying Girl taking her friend (and her financier's daughter), Sybil Cumberford, with her as she test-flys her brother Steve's new hydro-plane. When they meet with an accident, Orissa and Sybil are stranded on a desert island with little provisions. While Orissa is resourceful, how long can they survive? And will Steve, Mr. Cumberford and the rest of the rescue party find them? Even when their yacht runs aground? And can they escape the self-proclaimed robber King of the Islands?

The second, The Book of the Hamburgs took awhile for me to get into. I mean, it's by Baum, and it was his first book, but it's about raising and breeding Hamburgs, a breed of chicken. In this, Baum takes on an authoritative angle as he speaks about this topic, one that he was very interested in, and likely inspired Billina, the yellow hen of Ozma of Oz.

If you're interested in getting a well-rounded view of Baum, I heartily reccomend reading beyond the Oz books...

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