Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Links & Coming Attractions

Okay, first off, I now own VeggieTales: The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's. I will probably start watching it after I finish this blog. So, later today, I should have another blog up with my review.

Another thing I want to say is that the SciFi Channel has released a WONDROUS website for Tin Man, it's called "Infinite OZ." You can access video clips from the show already! (Ha, ha! MGM reference in Kansas!) Note that this is a flash-based site and can take awhile to load. You may want to do something I DIDN'T do before accessing: close any other open Internet programs or programs that take up some memory, and maybe clear your browser cache.

ALSO: It's been awhile, but I read both The Flying Girl & Her Chum from Hungry Tiger Press (it looks great, just like we've come to expect from David Maxine!), and The Book of the Hamburgs, L. Frank Baum's FIRST book, and one of his VERY few non-ficition books. Great. Now I'll be well informed if I ever decide to beat the grocery stores on egg prices.

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