Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Wizard of 3 Days

I think Oz is stalking me.

Tuesday night, it was storming mildly and they said there was a chance of a tornado. I mentioned that to one of my co-workers, and she says, "Please don't remind me. I have to drive 45 minutes home when I get off a midnight." So I started humming the tornado theme from the MGM Wizard of Oz.

Wednesday night, I was helping out with our church's Youth Group, and I headed out to the stairwell that leads to the Youth Room, which is on the third floor of our South Building. (We have three buildings.) I looked over, and I saw... well, I'd brought the digital camera with me, so you can see it...

Yes, that is a hot-air balloon.

Later that night, we went over to Wal-Mart, and I noticed some shoes for little girls. Why? Take a look:

(Are you allowed to take a photo in Wal-Mart?)

And THEN, on Thursday, I saw a car with "YBR" on the license plate: "Yellow Brick Road."

So... yeah...

And while I'm on this topic, here is a business that I live a few blocks north of:

Yeah... I think someone saw the film version of The Wiz. (They were there before The Muppets Wizard of Oz.)

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