Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wonders 5 news!

Has it been this long and I haven't posted a news release on the fifth episode of The Wonders of Oz? How... slow of me!

First off, Aaron Pacentine has been very busy with his event that will happening this Saturday. However, he agreed for a subsitute for this episode. The original plan was to wait until after the event, and do it then, but Matt Bloom offered to narrate.

If you've forgotten who Matt is, he has already been in two episodes of Wonders, and has been a fan since the beginning. In episode two (the only version available, hence, what I consider the official version), he read L. Frank Baum's final words. In episode four, he showed his face as I let him talk about the Oz books and adding to the series, as he is doing with his upcoming book, Nonestica: Rise of the Witches. (He recently informed me the book will be available next September.)

This episode will cover the pre-1939 dramatic versions of Oz on stage and screen. This was originally going to be two episodes, one about plays, the other about movies. But then, I reconsidered, I'd have two short episodes... And we're already taking awhile getting to that movie, so why not speed up the process?

I'm going to attempt to have it done by Halloween.

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