Sunday, October 14, 2007

Great Oz Videos Redux

Haven't done it in awhile, so here's another set!

Music Video For "Home" by Breaking Benjamin. Even the lyrics are Ozzy!

Trailer for the MGM Oz remake that... isn't going to happen...


McGee And Me took a spin on Oz...

(We used to have this video. It's on DVD now. It's called "Twister & Shout.")

Take a quick time travel trip to the Land of Oz in North Carolina:

The MGM Oz gets mixed with modern music and dance:

And, lastly, what happens when "Dorothy Goes To Hollywood?"

(There will be something more about the girl who plays Dorothy in this video on the blog in the near future! Keep an eye out!)


Bloom said...

I think that first one is a fan created video. Don't quote me on that, though.

Hollywood props said...

Fine collection of videos. I like that specially the second one. Dorothy is also as good as others.