Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don't forget Sunday!

It's L. Frank Baum's birthday this Sunday, and I'd highly suggest you look around at the Oz blogs I have listed in the links bar over to the right, because I'm sure many of them will have special entries for the day!

As for us here on the Royal Blog of Oz, I'll be posting the next podcast! Maybe some of the other writers will post something, but that one is definitely guaranteed.

In addition, if you haven't sent a photo for Jane Albright's video project, why not go ahead and start planning what you want to do?

Jane's video is going to be a slideshow about Oz fandom, and she wants your photos of you and something that clearly says you're an Oz fan, whether posing with your collection, wearing Ozzy apparel, or even a costume? Or something else entirely! Just as long as it's clear that you're an Oz fan in the photo!

Jane suggested May 15th so you can do as part of Baum's birthday celebration, but if you're not able or need some more time to get it all together, you have until the end of June. Send them to!

You can read Jane's own announcement here.

Meanwhile, here's the photo I just sent of myself and a shelf that is being happily conquered by my Oz books and custom action figures.

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