Saturday, May 21, 2011

Site update

I upgraded to Firefox 4!

Jared! What does you upgrading your browser have to do with anything?

Uh, yeah. I tried going to my site, and was surprised when all I saw was a big page of green. No text, no images, just green! A friend confirmed that Google Chrome had the same problem.

That's not looking forward...

Fortunately, one page displayed properly because I'd had an expert web designer correct a flowing text issue I was having with my HTML templates.

You're losing us with all this fancy web talk!

Okay, so basically, I copied the new HTML code he made there and updated all the pages. I also took this time to change the "Ozzy reference material" link to a link to the Wiki, which was created to replace it anyways.

SO, sorry that it took me awhile to correct it, but the site is now working with the latest web browsers.

And keep your eyes peeled for my take on The Silver Princess of Oz, coming VERY soon!

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