Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Royal Podcast of Oz: Tiktok and the Nome King

In this episode, Jared Davis and the cast present a reading of Tiktok and the Nome King from The Little Wizard Stories of Oz, in celebration of L. Frank Baum's birthday on May 15th.

Cast includes Mike Conway (Narrator, Kaliko), Sam Milazzo (Nome King), Shawn Maldonado (Tik-Tok), and Doug Wall (the Wizard).

As always, you can listen below, or download it at the podcast site.

This marks the first completely proper Oz story that has been recorded for the podcast. A special thanks to Miriam Goldman, who would have voiced Kaliko, except her finals and problems my software for the one time she was able to record prevented it. Maybe in the next one, Miriam!

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