Friday, May 06, 2011

'Witches of Oz' first still premieres HERE!

As promised, here is the very first still from the theatrical version of The Witches of Oz! Also, the film's website will be revamped next week along with the debut of the theatrical trailer for the film. The soundtrack to the film will be released on iTunes and on a limited edition CD two weeks prior to the film's release.

Please, please, please- avoid downloading the version of the film that is available on various websites online. The effects in the version circulating online and the effects in the two videos up on YouTube are not final, and not near as good as what you'll be seeing when the film makes its debut in your country. Check out the first official still from the theatrical version of the film below! Thanks to Leigh Scott for giving us permission to premiere this exclusively on The Royal Blog of Oz!

In the still below, The Witch makes her arrival in Manhattan!

EDIT: Since there has been so much confusion... The Witches of Oz is being released as an extended two-part television mini-series and as a feature-length film. Release dates for both will vary according to the specific country. As mentioned above, the theatrical version will premiere in the U.S. this summer, with the two-part cut premiering on TV in the U.S. and the UK later this year. The version leaked online is an early version of the mini-series. This leaked version does not serve the film justice as the effects are rough which makes a big impact on it's quality. Again, please wait until both versions premiere in your country.

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