Saturday, May 28, 2011

... I think it's done.

Well, I sent my Oz book to be illustrated. I rewrote many chapters, made many, many adjustments, and then sent it to the biggest critic I know. He absolutely LOVED it! Then he pointed out all my spelling and punctuation errors and helped me correct them.

So, now, I'm just waiting for the illustrations and getting the book designed and laid out.

So, later this year, I'll be announcing the publication of The Borderlands of Oz.

Oh, and David Maxine has revealed he will be using my submission to the 2011 Winkie Convention Program Book.


Mark R Hunter said...

Well done!

Marcus said...

That critic sounds like a real jerk! Complimenting you, then making you correct it! Bleh!

Jared said...

Corrections are a big compliment. It proves the critic cares.