Saturday, June 02, 2007

Here's the plan...

You know how I've mentioned I can't afford to buy Oz stuff? Well, here's the plan to get me out of debt!

You see, I currently owe my bank quite a bit of money. A bill from our phone company was charged to my account, after my sister tried to pay it herself. I didn't realize this had happened until a while later. In addition to paying them back, there's the $28 overdraft fee, so the sum I owe is rather large... It's over $300, but not over $350.

HOWEVER! I think I can have it paid off by the end of June! I can already pay $150, and, with saving $50 from each of my weekly paychecks, my plan should work! I won't know for sure until I'm done though. Sometimes unexpected expenses arise. But, hopefully not. Maybe I'll be able to pay off a little more sometimes. (This is why I wish I lived in Oz.)

After that, probably my first online purchase will be with Hungry Tiger Press. I'll probably order John Dough & the Cherub and The Flying Girl & Her Chum together.

Oh, and for the "first" episode of "The Wonders Of Oz" series, I've already got some plans worked out. But let me tell you something: don't expect the same format every time. I've already got a very interesting idea for the opening of the video about "Wicked."

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