Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New Keychain & Returning To Oz episode

Today, I went to put money in the bank. (Only $100. I had to give $50 to my sis to help pay some bills.) While I was waiting for the bus (my sister has the car), I noticed a small shop. I'd been in there a couple of years ago, but not since. I decided that since I had a bit of time on my hands, I went ahead and gave it another visit.

I am not a compulsive shopper, and never really have been. Sometimes I'll browse around at a store, usually a bookstore, but not often. Usually I know what I want to get and run in, grab it, pay for it, and run out.

At the shop, I noticed nothing priced over $1.25, but I did see some keychains. Since my last one, a pen that read "A.D.D. Happens," had slowly bit the dust in the course of three months (it fell apart), I decided to see if any would spark my interest.

There were some of dogs, but no chihuahuas, and as that is the type of dog I currently have in my home, I was not interested. There were some of Zodiac symbols, including Gemini, which is my sign, but as I am a Christian and only glance at old horoscopes for a laugh, it wouldn't be right. There were football keychains, both of balls (and soccer balls for the UK version of football) and for teams, but I am not a sports fan. There were also keychains that were a round, flat plastic circle with a hollow curved tube inside were a few tiny steel beads rolled around.

What did I choose? A yellow chicken with a red comb. When you push a button on the back of it's head, it's beak opens and a red light shines.


Cool, a Billina keychain that shoots a laser from her mouth!

Unfortunately, the battery died shortly after I got home.

Oh! Aaron Pacentine has uploaded episode 23 of "Returning To Oz." I'm listening to it now, so there will be a review up soon. (Aaron Schultz is back in it!)

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