Friday, June 15, 2007

Sunday is the birthday of not one, but TWO Oz fans!

This Father's Day happens to be the birthday of two Oz fans.

One of them is me. I've mentioned this on this blog before...

The other is Aaron Pacentine, as I shockingly discovered last night.

How weird is that?

I haven't heard anything from Aaron yet. But, as MySpace says he logged in today, I guess he's still alive and was not killed by the shock. (Yeah, right.)

If you want to say "Happy Birthday" to either of us, you can e-mail Aaron at, and you can e-mail me at,, leave a comment on the blog, or send a MySpace message to the Dorothy & Ozma Productions profile.

Plus, the ads are beginning to annoy me. If I don't get a check by the end of the month for letting them pollute my blog, I'm taking them off! (Already know how to do it.)

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