Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Returning to Oz #23

Well, I just finished listening to the 23rd episode of "Returning to Oz."

Like episode 22, this is not one of the best, but it is better than last time. (We all have our off-times!) Aaron Schultz has returned for this episode, but not the other hosts. It's practically summer, and the transition between spring and summer is always a busy time of year, likely affecting why so few people have been involved in these episodes.

Dexter Fabi, who was in a few previous episodes, is back as well.

Now, to business. Aaron Schultz talks about what has happened to some of the props from Return to Oz. If you are interested in collecting props from the movie (I once saw a pitcher from the Nome King's Ornament Rooms on E-Bay, couldn't buy it), listen to this episode!

Next, Dexter and Aaron Schultz and Aaron Pacentine discuss more on Return to Oz, including special effects and the trailer.

Worth the download (you'll have to download the last two parts: they're in WMA format and ZShare cannot play them) and the listen.

New on my blog, I added more links to the links section, including a link to "Returning To Oz."

I also did some work today in "The Wonders Of Oz." There will be yet another alteration in the opening titles that I hope will make them easier to read.

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