Friday, June 29, 2007

June: Record Month!

Wow! In June, I posted about 15 blog entries, more than I've ever done in a month before!

Today is payday, but, due to this paycheck being for a somewhat shorter work week, I'm not expecting it to be very large. From it I will have to extract my half of the rent, and pay back a friend who loaned me $20 when the bank passed a bill to my account, and made it go a little negative again. My friend helped me out not only by loaning me the money, but by dropping off the deposist herself. We were able to beat the overdraft fee, so I just owe a friend $20 instead of owing the bank almost $50.

To help me survive until July 6, I have opted to sell some of my DVDs. No, I'm not getting rid of any Oz movies. I have selected three movies that I have bought, all in "Special 2-Disc" editions. I'm not fond of them at ALL. I usually buy my movies instead of renting.

Anyways, on July 6, I will be renewing my membership with the International Wizard of Oz Club.

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