Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Bedtime Story

Hey, I found this video on YouTube tonight, and it's a commercial for the Mego Wizard of Oz dolls based on the MGM movie. (Good job to the uploader for making it look good for a transfer from a 30-year old video tape.)

I rather like the way this was done. (Huh... The commercial is about 30 years old? Either commercials were REALLY long back then, or this is composed of several shorter ones.) It's a nice touch, framing it as a bedtime story to a little girl. VERY classic Oz.

I once saw a doll from this series for sale. It was the Tin Man. Did I want it? You bet! Did I get it? No way! (Sigh...) Ah, well. It probably wound up with a *collector* who would actually take care of it. (I was... eight? Nine?) Besides, it would have been thrown out with the rest of my Oz collection later. (Thanks, Mom... You want to know how much I could have sold those items for now?)


Eric said...

Oh, great find! As for the length, I suspect this is an extended promo spot, which you could sometimes do back in the '70s. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if this were actually shown during one of the broadcasts of The Movie, since this uses the actual movie soundtrack.

Blair Frodelius said...

I still have my Mego Tinman from 1974. Missing his heart tho'. By the way, did you notice in the film that it's a later version of "Over the Rainbow" not from the MGM film?