Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Where's Wonders 8?

I was getting one episode of "Wonders" out a month, but February has come and gone, and still no episode.

What is taking so long?

As you have noticed, the narration is not done by me. The reason for this is that I have trouble making my voice sound steady while recording. (When I recorded the "Wonders" introduction, the final sound was the product of many re-takes and tricky editing.)

All past episodes have been narrated by Aaron Pacentine, with the occassional guest appearance of J. Matt Bloom.

Recently, both have moved their homes elsewhere, and both are still getting their home internet services set up. In addition, I have only approached Aaron with the narration for this episode.

However, Aaron has come up with a way that would let him get the narration to me without using the internet. I am awaiting the narration before I make the episode.

Meanwhile, I got to figure out how to get my computer back up to snuff...

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