Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Episodes

Wow! For the first time ever, an episode of "Returning to Oz" and an episode of "The Wonders of Oz" were released on the same day!

First off, I drank a whole quart of water last night, so I was up at 5 am to upload the 8th episode of "Wonders," here you go. (I did get some sleep after uploading.)

And later Aaron Pacentine uploaded his next episode of "Returning to Oz," which I listened to later on my mp3 player.

This panel discussion episode was originally meant to be released to CD, but Aaron and his crew decided to make it a free download instead.

In this panel discussion, Aaron, Aaron Schultz, David Reddish, Daniel Shanks, and Gabe Rodriguez get to speak with Doug Aberle, one of the claymation animators on Return to Oz.

Doug offers an impressive view on being on the inside of working on the movie, even though he was never on the set.

Aaron, Aaron, David, Daniel, and Gabe are all able to supplement their research and knowledge on the Disney movie, the MGM movie, and the Oz books to make this a thorough discussion.

Some interesting things to discover: who was the original choice for the Nome King, and, surprisingly, some word from Colonial Radio Theatre.

All in all, another solid episode, and one of the best in a long time! It's worth downloading, listening to, and listening to again! (You may feel like popping in the Return to Oz soundtrack soon after, though...)

Here's where to download the episode: (LINK)

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