Monday, March 17, 2008

Returning to Oz Returns (Episode 29 Review)

Well, "Returning to Oz" is back after a long period of no episodes. Aaron Pacentine is back, and so is Celia Foster!

In this episode, Celia Foster reveals excellent ways to research. She also points out some information sites that are not always completely accurate. Also mentioned is collecting on eBay.

One important bit that Aaron mentions is something I have known for awhile now: the "Returning to Oz" series will be ending with episode 40.

Overall, this episode does not offer much in the way of discussing Oz. It does contain other useful information that Oz fans and researchers will find useful.

You will notice, upon downloading the episode, that the mp3 files are now hosted on the site again, so we return with the direct downloads. To download the episode, follow this link!

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