Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Burst quietly into song...

Tonight, I made a pit-stop at Wal-Mart after work to buy some tea bags. While waiting in line, a mother and two daughters left. One of the daughters rode in the cart, as she was very small. I overheard the other one call her a "munchkin."

Immediately I began to sing quietly:
Calling all Munchkins,
Let's do lunchkins!
All for one!
And one for all!
Calling all Munchkins, Munchkins, Munchkins, Munchkins!
Take our call!

Yeah... I sang "Calling All Munchkins" from The Muppet's Wizard of Oz. Not one of my favorite movies, Oz or otherwise, but this is the only song that prominently features the word "Munchkins" except for "We're Munchkins Naturally" in the 1964 Return to Oz, which is not quite as catchy...

Oh... and I have the narration for episode 1 of "The Wonders of Oz!"

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