Friday, July 20, 2007

(Post 102) Wonders...

According to YouTube, the first episode of The Wonders of Oz has been watched 43 times, as of this writing. So far, everyone who has given me feedback loves it. Someone even asked for the Denslow font I used, and I realized it is no longer online. (So I sent it to him. I plan to get it back online, though.) OzThyme on the Oz Club message board said it was good and she looks forward to the rest of the episodes. Someone on MySpace asked who sang the song at the end. Sam Antony Milazzo says it is Oz-some!

And that's all the feedback I have so far. Oh well, I should hear from Aaron Pacentine this weekend... He's been in New York City, and has sadly missed the world premiere.

As for savings to buy those HTP books, I managed to save $20 from my last paycheck. Today's payday, but I also have to take off $100 for this month's rent (No, that's not my rent, or even all of my half. I'll pay the rest of my half of out my next check.) and I want, no, NEED to buy groceries tomorrow. (The gas station across the street has a small variety of pricey food, most of which is plain junk! I'm not paying $5 for Oreos!)

I also re-read Eric Gjovaag and Karyl Carlson's Queen Ann in Oz. As with the best Oz books, it was better when read the second time. (I'm now re-reading The Emerald Wand of Oz.)

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Joseph said...

Hi Jared,

This is "joengardner" on the Oz Club message board (whom you helped with numerous questions including some on the Oz silent films!). I was on a web search for the Oz/Denslow font and found your blog. I was wondering if it would be possible to receive it from you or if you had a link where you knew it was uploaded? I've been searching around Google and some font databases but not coming up with much luck (and the original site is gone as you noted here).

if you want to e-mail me, it's

Thank you so much for your help!