Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thank you, Nancy Tystad Koupal!

As I am working toward the completion of the first episode of The Wonders of Oz (I hope to have it on YouTube on Friday!), the latest winner of the L. Frank Baum Memorial Award now has me even more convinced that she deserved it.

I am speaking of Nancy Tystad Koupal, who has produced two books about L. Frank Baum's life in Aberdeen: the complete collection of the Our Landlady stories from Baum's newspaper, and Baum's Road to Oz, a collection of essays and articles about L. Frank Baum's time in Aberdeen as well as some of his own work.

Aside from these being very instrumental in research, they are also loaded with pictures that will help the episode pick up after the sparse supply I had for Baum's earlier years. (I even added a note about how few pictures there were from Baum's childhood.) It even has the only baby picture of one of Baum's sons I could find: Harry Neal Baum, their third son.

Thanks, Nancy!

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