Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Wonders!

I am still awaiting Aaron's narration of The Wonders of Oz episode 2. (Please remember, he is a busy chap, just like most of us.) In the meantime, I'm going to get more pictures ready and... I've already written episode 3, which, according to plan, will be about the non-Baum "Famous Forty" Oz books. It will end on a rather sad note, but will be picked up in a future episode.

Here is the episode list as it stands now...
EPISODE 0: Introduction
EPISODE 1: L. Frank Baum & The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
EPISODE 2: L. Frank Baum: 1900-1919

L. Frank Baum's life after the publication of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz."
EPISODE 3: The Oz Books Live On
The other Royal Historians, from Thompson to the McGraws.
EPISODE 4: The Fans of Oz
A treatise on the Oz fans, the International Wizard of Oz Club, and Oz websites.
EPISODE 5: International Oz
About the impact of Oz in other countries, but will mostly cover the "Magic Land" series in Russia.
EPISODE 6: Oz on Stage
From the 1902 musical to stage adaptations of the MGM movie.
EPISODE 7: Oz in Film: 1908-1933
Covers film adaptations from the Fairylogue & Radio Plays to the Ted Eshbaugh cartoon.
EPISODE 8: Leo in Oz
The MGM movie.
EPISODE 9: Oz In Pop Culture
The MGM's movie's influence on pop culture.
EPISODE 10: Easing On Down The Road
Oz in public domain, Oz movies of the '60s and '70s, and The Wiz.
EPISODE 11: Disney Goes To Oz
Disney's Oz projects, "The Rainbow Road to Oz," the read-along records, and "Return to Oz."
EPISODE 12: The Oz Books Live Again
About the new wave of Oz books written by Oz fans.
EPISODE 13: Wicked
About the book, it's sequels, and the musical.

There may be special episodes after this run or even during it. We'll see. One idea is an episode about L. Frank Baum's pseudonymous books. (Feel free to throw out any new ideas.) The list is very likely to change. (EXAMPLE: Since it's last revision, I have moved the episode about the MGM movie's impact to be made after the one about the movie.)

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