Thursday, July 19, 2007

Released a day early!

Yes! I finished the first episode of "The Wonders of Oz!" Now you can finally figure out who the new host is!

This episode relates the life of L. Frank Baum from his birth in 1856 to Christmas, 1900. The next episode will continue his story. (NOTE: This does not completely detail his life. A short bibliography is included at the end to encourage further independent research for those TRULY interested.)

Aaron Pacentine of narrates.

Excerpt from "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" read by J. Hall. (Librivox version.)
L. Frank Baum quote performed by AT&T Labs Text-to-Speech demo.
Songs "The Wonders of Oz" and "Oz Just Can't Continue" (sung by Susan Conway) from the 1964 animated "Return to Oz."
Movie Clips from "The Dreamer of Oz"
Pictures scanned by me and Marc Berezin. Some were obtained online. (Oz Central, The Oz Project, the Library of Congress)

About the new host: for some reason, I just couldn't record the narration without completely messing up. I e-mailed Aaron Pacentine, asking if he knew of anyone who would be interested in recording the narration. He was excited that this opportunity was open and offered to do it himself. (Just in case he can't do some episodes, I am open to switching out hosts, even if for just one episode, please e-mail if you are interested.)

I hope you enjoy the episode, and hope to hear some feedback soon.

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