Sunday, July 29, 2007

Some news

Okay, I have found a program that will help me take care of updating my Oz site more easily.

Also, Eric Gjovaag is showing a preview for the SciFi Channel's Tin Man in his blog. It looks really good! I'd embed it here, but it was uploaded by Mrs. Gjovaag, so I'm just linking to the entry, out of respect for them.

Now I wish I could see the series when it airs... (No cable for me!)

I talked to Aaron Pacentine earlier today. Episode 2 of The Wonders of Oz will be recorded soon, and he is also finishing TWO new episodes of Returning to Oz for his site. (Yeah, I'll be reviewing them!)

Anyone want to guess what Oz book I've been reading during my breaks at work?

1 comment:

Eric said...

Oh, go ahead and imbed! If we didn't want anyone to do so, we would have set it up that way. Also, don't worry about not having cable, as it's sure to show up on DVD a week later...