Friday, July 13, 2007

More On The Wonders of Oz Production!

At last I can get started on the FINAL edit of episode 1 of The Wonders of Oz!

Now for some news!

  • The new host is... I'm still not telling. Wait for the episode to come out to see!
  • I will have an end credits list, with a song.
  • These episodes are NOT to give you a completely detailed look at the topics they are covering. They are designed to provide basic knowledge for those who care to watch them. If anyone wants to know more, I will have a screen at the end that says "For more information on (enter topic here), read (or maybe "refer") to (list of books or resources)." Do your homework, folks!

And can I ask something else? If you're going to comment on my blog, please do not leave it anonymous. Please leave your name, or a screen name, or whatever. I just want to know who's trying to tell me something. If you have a good reason to preserve your anonymnity, then I am okay with it. But it's not going to mean much to me if someone who won't drop his or her name or screen name of some sort will tell me if an entry "stunk." Why would I want to know? Maybe to privately contact (e-mail, MySpace, whatever) them to know what they didn't like and why.

(If that sounded like I was mad, I am not. I can just get inquistive, and then annoyed.)

And for anyone who would like to contact me off of the blog, you can get my e-mail for the Oz community on my Blogger profile. Just click on my pic. I enjoy hearing from all of you!

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