Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Want To Move My Oz Site

Recently, I've grown very dissatisfied with Tripod's service. (I even tried upgrading my account, but their site crashed on me.) As a result, I am looking to move (and renovate) my Oz website.

Here are some changes I want to make...

The online books available in PDF format as well as having them as regular webpages.

Expand the library to include more than just the Oz books. I also want to include the Royal Historians' other public domain works and let folks submit fan fiction.

Expanding the Woggle-Bug Review with a page for each item reviewed.

Give the site an even more user-friendly layout.

Give the site a more update-friendly style. (I HAVE been planning on adding a page with my Oz YouTube videos, but I'd have to go into each and every page and add a new link. I'd like to set it up where I just have to add a link once, and that's that.)

NOT SO MAJOR... I want to have the Oz Games collection available as an installation download, so it can be run without saving it your computer first. I do not like having the installation file in a zip, but Tripod requires it if it will be downloaded.

So... with that being said, anyone got any suggestions on a good server?

(Yes, I also posted this on the International Wizard of Oz Club's Message Board. Just REALLY want to do this!)

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Jared said...

About what I said with saving the installation file to your computer, I know, you techies, the file that would be saved anyways. I just meant doing it without the bother of finding where to save it to first. (This can be done with the zip archive, but I'd like to remove the step of having to open the archive first.)