Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Return to Oz Music Video

As I left for work earlier today, I remembered that I never featured my "Return to Oz" music video in my blog!

First off, let's see the video. You don't want the behind-the-scenes information BEFORE you see it...

Now, for the story behind the video!

I had the idea for the video a few months before I put it together. My sister, however, who is a big Evanescence fan, was not enthused.

However, I was beginning my correspondence with the afore mentioned (in the blog) Sam Antony Milazzo, who lives in Australia. (The Land of Aus/Oz) He suggested I do a "Return to Oz" video, though he had the idea that I use the Scissor Sisters song. However, there was already another music video that I thought did the job very well. (Link.) I brought up the Evanescence song, and he thought it might be a good choice.

Later, I decided to give it a shot. I actually got fired from my old job, and, that night, figured out which shots I wanted to use, and began ripping them from the DVD. (Also that night, I re-watched Disney's Peter Pan and picked up and filled out 11 job applications.) Later, I began arranging them in clips. By 1 AM, I had the clips set to the song. However, I decided to save putting it together into a movie file until the next day.

That morning, I re-watched the video, and tightened up some of the editing. I saved the file (while I was waiting, I went to turn my completed applications), and later uploaded it.

So, why did I wait until July to post it on my blog when I'd made it and uploaded it in March?

I don't know...

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