Monday, July 30, 2007

GREAT Oz Videos!

Well, I have some advice... Don't get stuck on YouTube! You'll start finding funny things to make you LOL!

Like this "alternate ending" for Wicked (the musical) that was actually performed onstage!

Or this Family Guy tribute to The Wiz (the movie)...

And Eric Gjovaag said I could put the Tin Man ad in here, so here we go!

Hopefully you LOLed somewhere in there!


Eric said...

I can give you a little more background for that Wicked ending: That was supposed to have been Idina Menzel's final performance on Broadway. But she'd had an accident with the melting scene during the matinee performance the day before, was rushed to the hospital, and Shoshana Bean was thrust into the part a couple of days early. But Idina was well enough to make that unannounced cameo at the end of the Sunday show. I'd heard she was there for the curtain calls (which is how I recognized which show it was, thanks to the red track suit), but I hadn't heard she'd also been part of the show itself.

Jared said...

Yeah, I thought that was it, but the person who posted the video was not specific on the performance. So, I avoided jumping to a conclusion.